My Roles

Script Development w/ Instructor
Storyboard Development
Sound Operator
Video Editor

Project Summary

This was a really fun project to put together for Brown University’s Science and Technology Leadership program.

I started off with a lot of content already laid out for me by the professor and instructional designer, so we were able to fly through the consulting and conceptualization phases and dive right into the depths of pre-production. I was able to turn the content at hand straight into a storyboard with a corresponding script, which was an expansion of the text I already had access to. After a couple quick rounds of revisions on the script, we recorded the voiceover and were able to move the project along to post-production.

I designed the boards for this piece in Photoshop and brought those straight into After Effects to begin animating. To avoid having to set up too many nulls with child layers, I decided to create a camera for this piece, and much of the overall movement comes from that camera.