My Roles

Concept Development w/ Instructor
Script Development w/ Instructor
Storyboard Development
Sound Operator
Video Editor

Project Summary

For the first course in Brown University’s Cybersecurity program, I partnered with one faculty member to create a series of animations illustrating the basics of encryption.

These animations ranged from a full three-minute video with voiceover (seen above) to short looping videos that were used later that week to illustrate smaller concepts.

This was my first real attempt at character animation, and, while it was certainly a challenge, it was a fascinating experience. I’ve been through the process of creating storyboards and still graphics that I’ve later animated many times before; however, the thrill of seeing those come to life was different than seeing a character come to life for the first time.

For this project, I built out all the boards, characters, and elements in Photoshop, textured them directly within Photoshop, and then brought them into After Effects. I then used DUIK to rig up the characters within After Effects.