My Roles

Sound Operator

Project Summary

I love growing food and spending time outdoors, so I was thrilled when this project came up for an undergraduate online course at Brown.

The task for this video was to profile and tell the story of a local, small farmer. The professor for this course knew Alby already, so we were able to easily schedule some time sit down with him and discuss the challenges of small farming. While it was a chilly November day, it certainly reflected a bit of what it’s like to be a farmer working year round in New England.

After conducting the interview, I began shaping the story in the first round of edits. I worked closely with the instructional designer and professor during this time to consider which content would be most helpful for students.

Once things warmed up a bit in the late spring, Alby welcomed us back to the farm to follow him around for an afternoon to capture b-roll. I cut our new footage into the final round of edits and the piece was ready in time for the summer launch of this course.